Millennial Families – Fastest-Growing Travel Sector

Millennial Families – Fastest-Growing Travel Sector

2019-02-20 Off By The Nomadness Team

Taken from an Article by Amy Cherry/Assistant News Director – WDEL/Boston

If you think you know Millennials, you don’t know Millennials, especially when it comes to travel.

These active adults, nearing 40 years of age, represent travel target markets both single and family.

According to experts, we can no longer group them as one “entity,” but rather as units with their own preferences and habits, especially when it comes to travel decision-making.

Travel Insights Sr. VP, Steve Cohen, remarks that so-called “influencers,” high profile people in social media viewed as thought leaders (think “The Kardashians”) have a huge impact on what they do and where they go.

“Nearly twice as many millennials follow an influencer, as do members of other generations,” says Cohen. But as millennials continue to have families, Cohen predicts family travel will be the fastest-growing sector.

Among millennials in the group of a recent survey, half of them had kids. And, perhaps more startling, the kids play a big role in where the families go – beyond the obvious Disney World or Legoland.

“We’ve seen data,” says Cohen, “that suggests upwards of 60-70% of children are involved, not only in what they’re going to do on vacation, but even things like where they’re going to stay. And roughly 60% have input into what is done while vacationing.” And kids are reached from different channels than their parents. One suggestion may be Snapchat where a child may say, “Hey, Mom, Dad. Check this out. Let’s go here.”

The travel market and traveler preferences are continually evolving. So, it is up to us at Nomadness Rentals and you as a vacation rental homeowner to stay current and, often, ahead of the trends. As savvy marketers, we both must be ready to reshape our marketing strategies to best reach and appeal to these new segments of travel-seeking audiences.