No Keys = Safe & Easy Vacation

No Keys = Safe & Easy Vacation

2017-11-29 Off By The Nomadness Team

You have arrived at your vacation rental and you’re excited about beginning your vacation.  You’re headed out the door with your group of 8  friends or family members be to begin exploring your destination but some of the group wants to come back early or at different times but you only have two keys. What do you do? Hide a key under the doormat, have everyone come back early or don’t lock the door? What a hassle and inconvenience.

As all this is transpiring you begin to think about the expensive watch you have, the brand new AppleMacBook you just purchased or wallet you want to leave behind because you don’t need to take it on your hike. You think to yourself “how many other renters have stayed here before” ” did any of them make a copy of the key” ” are things really safe if we leave them in the property?” These are all valid and legitimate concerns with properties that use a key for entry.

Is there a solution to solve all these problems? You guessed it, there is. There are 3 different types of Keyless Entry Systems.

Type 1 Keyless Entry System has one or two codes that everyone reuses over and over. These type of keyless entries help with allowing access to the entire group at different times but do not offer anything in providing safety of your belonging as every renter has had the same code.

Type 2 Keyless Entry that offers different codes for different renters which address the issues of large groups and safety, however, these keyless entries are WiFi dependant and if the Wifi goes down so does the renters ability to enter the property. This a common problem in areas/destinations that have lots of weather such as Mammoth Lakes where storms can take down the internet from a few minutes to several hours.

Type 3 Keyless Entry provides a unique code to every renter that unlocks the property at the renter’s arrival date and time and then locks the property at the renter’s departure date and time. Everyone in the group can know the unique 4 digit code and can come and go at their own convenience and no keys to keep track of. The Keyless Entry is not WiFi dependent so
need to worry about an internet connection as you can access the property effortlessly. Additionally, the Keyless Entry keeps a record of all entries into the property and what codes were used and when so if there were a need to know who entered the rental at a specific time this information would be available. Complete knowledge of who is entering your property and when with uncompromising easy of access.

NomadnessRentals offers their vacation rentals with a Type 3 Keyless Entry System so that your vacation rental can be easy, safe and effortless.