Meet The CEO of Nomadness Rentals

Meet The CEO of Nomadness Rentals

2019-01-18 Off By The Nomadness Team

You have your favorite coffee shop, your favorite shoe store, your favorite restaurant, etc. If you travel a lot you must have your favorite hotel or vacation rental…right? Well, of course you do! It’s easy to say the majority of our customers call us their favorite vacation rental agency and often times consider us before looking anywhere else. Having a favorite business you use or go to often holds a special place in your heart, you go there for a reason. You like the quality the product provides, you enjoy the friendly customer service the company shows, you like the ease of things when you’re making a purchase. Whatever makes you “favorite” a company or business there is always that one person who started it all and grew it with ethics, responsibility, compassion for customers, determination to strive to provide the best service, and many more aspiration for the business.

At Nomadness Rentals Millie Freed is that one person. She has grow Nomadness Rentals from the ground up, and over the years this tremendous company has grown in leaps and bounds because of her and how she trained her team, and how she built a strong foundation to build and continue building what we call a beautiful creation to this day. To learn about Millie Freed’s back story and how Nomadness Rentals came about, click the provides links below and be amazed from what one woman has created.


One On One Live Ever Sprint Interview:

About Millie Freed & Nomadness: