Weekly Hot Spot: Howelsen’s Hill

Weekly Hot Spot: Howelsen’s Hill

2018-09-17 Off By The Nomadness Team

There are many amazing sights to see in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Although, there’s one that when you see it either in the winter or summer it’ll leave you speechless. The historic Howelsen’s Hill a ski area that includes an incredibly massive ski jump with a phenomenal historical background.


History: Since 1914 Howelsen’s Hill has been fully operating ski area and is known to be the oldest operating ski areas in use as of today. Before Carl Howelsen created a ski club on this mountain, the town used Howelsen Hill as an Elk Park and wildlife preserve. Howelsen’s goal was to break the record of ski jumping and believed that if the jump was steeper, athletes would be able to jump farther. Each year that went by Carl Howelsen added on to the mountain. First it was the ski jump, then it was a slalom course, and it just continued from there. As years went by Cal Howelsen was a successful winter sports team coach and trained many of these athletes to become world renown Olympic athletes. Now, over 70 winter Olympians have trained on these slopes and jumps and more continue to train and compete in Olympics each year.


Characteristics: It’s located across from the Yampa River in Downtown Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Howelsen’s Hill is know to have what is name after the locals, “champagne powder.” In other words this is the best snow you’ll ever shred.


Main Attractions: To this day, many visitors from all over the world travel to Steamboat Springs, just to ski Howelsen’s Hill. Beyond the massive ski jump there are parks of the ski area that are designed specifically for beginners and Intermediate athletes.