Weekly Hot Spot: Hot Creek

Weekly Hot Spot: Hot Creek

2018-09-11 Off By The Nomadness Team

Located in Mammoth Lakes, California beholds the amazing hot creek. This stunning river is part of  Mono County of eastern California which is also part of the Inyo National Forest.

Scientific Overview: Hot Creek was created by geothermal heat sources. These sources originate from the Long Valley Caldara. This creek is naturally heated when the water seeps into the ground and goes through a natural “plumping system” which heats and pressurizes it before it reaches the surface. Earthquakes in this area can also cause geysers which can evolve into more hot springs overnight.

Characteristics: Some areas along the hot creek river have patches where temperatures can reach up to 430 degrees fahrenheit. As the rover heads eastward towards Crowley Lake the temperatures begin to drop as it mixes with colder waters.

Main Attractions: Many first time visitors to the area or those who have never seen this spectacle before, visit hot creek because of it’s natural vibrant blue colors, stunning geography, and eye-opening plums of hot steam that arise from the creek. Most of the area is off limits and is prohibited to enter the water due to its extreme heat. Although, up the stream lies hot creek fish hatchery where the waters stay around 68 degrees fahrenheit and the fish thrive.