How Millennials Are Shaping More Then Just Society

How Millennials Are Shaping More Then Just Society

2018-07-19 Off By The Nomadness Team

Over the years, Millennials have received a bad connotation about their generation. Being accused “lazy, un-motivated, stubborn, and most importantly, ENTITLED.” An article published by The Skift talks about how the Millennial mindset works and how they are reshaping the travel and consumer industry. Reading further into this article, I was pleasantly surprised to read not the typical downgrading comments about the Millennial generation and rather, a compliment.

As the world witnesses the Millennial generation change the way of society from careers habits, personal beliefs, innovative ideas and much more, the generation is also changing the tourism industry. Studies have shown that nearly 58% of millennials travel with someone and that 29% of millennials have canceled trips due to security reasons. With these percentages travel companies and social media platforms have started to design accommodation to better suit the millennial traveler. One example is “Facebook’s Crisis Response.” Which allows someone to mark themselves as “safe” when in a particular location. This notifies family and friends to let them know where they are and that they are okay. This also helps comfort young travelers. As this trend continues the travel industry will continue to shape and better accommodate millennials as the take over the baby boomer population.

Nomadness Rentals recognizes this change, with that being said here at Nomadness Rentals we offer a 24/7 emergency line to help travelers have the comfort of knowing if something goes wrong we are here to help.

Furthermore, not only have millennials changed the ways of tourism, they are also changing consumer behaviors. Studies have shown that the millennial generation is key to the growth of the consumer industry. In an article by The Skift, they state that “The consumer industry is expected to reach over $459 billion dollars in sales by 2025.” We have already started to see this growth occur. The year 2016 was considered stagnate for consumer growth. Although, the start of 2017 experienced a rise and has been continuing ever since. Publicists have called it “Healthier The New Normal.” This has boosted luxury brand sales, as millennials perceive luxury as a way to “express themselves.”

Beyond luxury brands, when traveling millennials tend to book their lodging in a place that is considered “modern, new, and nice” For the young travelers, Nomadness Rentals offers the luxury they desire at an affordable rate. Eager to see what we mean? CLICK HERE to view our luxury rentals suited to your wants and needs.