The Astonishing and World Renown, Mt. Werner

The Astonishing and World Renown, Mt. Werner

2018-03-08 Off By The Nomadness Team

If your looking for the perfect place to stay, look no further than Mount Werner. It’s the ultimate mountain destination for skiing and snowboarding. Mt. Werner was named after the local hero and skiing legend; Wallace Jerold Werner. Also known as “Buddy.” He was a skiing prodigy in Steamboat. Buddy’s early athletic prowess earned him the distinction as the first individual outside Austria and Switzerland to downhill ski and conquer the treacherous Hahenkamm mountain. Remarkably, Buddy accomplished this at the age of 22. Buddy went on to join the 1956 Winter Olympic Team. Over the years he competed, he carved out distinguished an award-winning skiing career. His impressive feats on the slopes earned him a well-deserved induction into the National Ski Hall of Fame.

As of today, there is now a statue on the top of Mt. Werner honoring Buddy. This sacred spot marks the beginning of “Buddy’s Run.” Here, in commemoration of the man who brought his hometown and country an abundance of skiing glory, ski lovers can connect with his passion.  Now, when skiers dig their poles into Steamboat’s distinctive “champagne powder,” they can share Buddy’s love for the sport he savored so much at one of the world’s top ten Colorado Ski Resorts; Steamboat Springs.

Just imagine yourself, waking up in your luxurious vacation rental in picturesque Steamboat Springs, Colorado just minutes away from Mt. Werner. You might contemplate over your first cup of coffee that today’s picture perfect day is ideal for taking a scenic gondola ride up the face of Mount Werner. As your Gondola rises above the breathtaking landscape of Steamboat Springs, it reveals infinite views of Yampa Valley. This beautiful area is where people go to race their mountain bikes down the mountain, or explore the numerous floral covered nature trails. The blooming flora is dotted with yellow mule’s ear and the state’s iconic columbines. If this intrigues you, without doubt traveling here and exploring Mt. Werner will steal your breath away and leave you in awe.

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