Destination Ventura CA

Destination Ventura CA

2018-02-16 Off By The Nomadness Team

Having thoughts of Summer? Sunny days, lazy weekends and fun times at the beach.

Summer is just a few months away and those dreams will be a reality. What better place to make that dream come true than Ventura, CA.

Astonishing beaches,  great surf, small-town ambiance, and an old-fashioned long wooden pier. With the diversity of many early settlers such as the Chumash, Spaniards, Europeans, and Chinese, the culture, art, and architecture have become very significant. This beautiful place is also called “the city of fortune.” Located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Ventura encompasses over 800 acres of luscious green open space grass for festivals as well as stunning science ocean views wherever you go. Beyond the natural beauty, Ventura’s geography and perfect weather conditions make it perfect for outdoor activates all year long. Biking, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing and more, are some of the various sports locals and tourist enjoy.

NomadnessRentals can make your beach dreams a reality with vacation homes located at the beach in Ventura, California.  Give us a call and plan your next beach vacation in beautiful Ventura. Without a doubt, you will be dreaming of blue waters, warm breezes and lazy days just relaxing. Now, that’s a vacation!