Dynamic Discounts Finally!

Dynamic Discounts Finally!

2018-02-14 Off By The Nomadness Team

We have all experienced that moment when you are getting ready to book a room or you’re “checking out” ready to make a purchase. Low and behold, the “discount code” field shows up! My god, what discount code? How do I get one? It’s like I am the only one on the face of the earth that never gets a discount code. Does the discount code even exist or is it just a legend, a myth, an old wives’ tale? I can only think about all “those other people” that have a “discount code”. I would love to save also but I don’t have one, so I give up with no discount code. I hit the button to proceed without a discount. Where are all those discount codes? Why don’t I have them? Where can I find them? It’s sad but true 🙁

But, not anymore. I can now be a part of “those other people”. I can have a discount code, I have finally found the way.

All this joy and money savings comes thanks to Nomadness Rentals and their “Dynamic Discount” feature. Let me bring Nomadness into your life, this has taken the madness out of discount codes. Simple but brilliant. This is how it works: find the vacation rental that’s perfect for you, pick your arrival and departure dates, then go the “Discount Code” section, and drop down to view all available discounts offered by that particular property. Apply the discount immediately and see your savings in “green” with the reservation quote. Don’t be a victim of hidden discount codes…