The Secret Hot Springs of Mammoth

The Secret Hot Springs of Mammoth

2018-01-08 Off By The Nomadness Team

Who doesn’t like a nice steaming hot tub after a tough workout, a long work week, or hiking in the mountains all day. If you’re looking to relax and loses up tense muscles. Mammoth Lakes has the best remedy! Instead of relaxing in a hot tub, take a trip outside to the Natural Hot Springs. The hot springs of Mammoth offer minerals found no where else. These natural and organic minerals have numerous health benefits for your body. One of the largest components these hot springs contain is Sulfur. Which helps treat Eczema, skin irritations and rashes. The hot springs also detoxify, cleanse, boost the immune system as well as improve your circulation and the most important, reduce stress! Some of the other minerals these hot springs contain include, sodium, alkali, calcium, and magnesium.

As many of you may know, Mammoth Lakes is very volcanic and the last massive eruption happened over 57,000 years ago. Due to previous eruptions it left behind numerous hot springs. Some of these springs are to hot to dive into, although others are perfect temperatures. Many people think that these springs are heated. Believe it or not, they are geothermal heated by groundwater due to the extreme heat from Earth’s crust.

Some of the best hot springs to visit with the easiest access include; Benton Springs (on state rout 120 northeast from Mammoth) Travertine (off of 395 north of Mammoth) and lastly, Keough (off of 395 south of Mammoth) There are many many more hot springs in Mammoth although these are the local’s secret spots and can only be accessible certain times of the year due to weather.

Book with Nomadness Rentals and explore natures beauty and the hot springs organic healing properties. Not only are you able to relax in a natural hot tub outside, but you also get to watch the sunset or sunrise and gaze at stunning geography that surrounds you. Now who would’t want that! Hurry and book now to have an experience of a lifetime.