Why Everyone Should Travel to Mammoth

Why Everyone Should Travel to Mammoth

2017-12-29 Off By The Nomadness Team

“The mountains are calling, and I must go…” Said John Muir, a renowned writer, naturalist and adventure. To anyone who loves the great outdoors, this quote will hit home. I want to share with you a glimpse of my most favorite place on Earth; Mammoth Lakes, CA. The outstanding geographical history of the mountain, all season resorts, and a few of my personal favorite attributes of town is what made me fall in love with this place. After reading what i’m about to share with you, I hope you will be inspired to take a trip up Highway 395 to experience this magical place first hand.

Mammoth Lakes is a town located in Mono County, California. With an elevation of 7,880 Ft. The town is located on The Long Valley Caldera, which formed 780,000 years ago by a volcanic eruption. The entire area is extremely volcanically active, and is home to many natural hot springs. Due to all the volcanic history, many of the peaks in the mountain range are composed of basalt, which is responsible for their intriguing dark color and jagged appearance. Due to the high elevation there are very long and snowy winters which leave snow on the peaks year round, and warm dry summers. This past snow season over 500 inches (43 Ft.) of snow fell and broke previous winter records.

The Mammoth Mountain Ski Area was founded by Dave McCoy in 1953. It is a world class ski, snowboard, and snowmobile resort during the winter months. Elevation wise, it is the highest ski resort in California. The peak of the resort sits at 11,053 Ft. and is accessible via Gondola. Which is an enclosed ski lift that can seat up to six people. The Gondola provides breath talking 360 degree views and offers over 400 miles of visibility on clear days. As you make your final assent to the summit, you cross the gorge which puts you roughly  at 1,500 Ft. above the ski run below you. There are 28 lifts that operate between six main lodges of the 3,500+ acres of skiable terrain. Personally I think the best place to be is at Mammoth Unbound (the professional freestyle park.) Where most of the Olympic medalist, and X-Games champions are always found. You are sure to see some amazing tricks!

Being up in the High Sierras offers you a refreshing cleanse of mind, body, and soul. Simpy enjoying the beauty of the local view is enough to set you at ease. The town has plenty of walking, bicycling and hiking trails. A few miles up the road you’ll find Twin Lakes which offers kayaking, paddle boarding, boating and more. During spring there is runoff from McCleod Lake which offers spectacular views of roaring waterfalls. The cool mist that sprays off these massive falls, fills the air and gently lands on your cheeks. There is nothing like it! A few miles past Twin Lakes you’ll reach Horseshoe Lake. You’ll park and follow the signs 1.2 miles until you reach the outstanding and breathtaking view of the lake. Which is also known as “Heaven on Earth.” This place stole my heart with it’s crystal blue water, running springs with fresh col water from from the Earth, and massive granite peaks. The views are spectacular and an experience you’ll surely never forget. As John Muir once said, “The mountains are calling and I must go…” I hope that my personal account of Mammoth Lakes has inspired you to plan a trip and experience the beauty first hand. Inevitably the adventure will elevate you spiritually while the unforgettable memories will live with you forever.”

Not only did this place win over my heart but I wouldn’t have been able to experience the beauty I did without the help from Nomadness. During my time spent here in Mammoth Lakes I booked with Nomadness Rentals and stayed at a beautiful condo for one week. It was suited perfectly for my needs and desires. I would not hesitate to refer them to my friends and family as their services were excellent during my stay.” -Michael Lichtenfeld

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