Mammoth’s Hidden Petroglyphs

Mammoth’s Hidden Petroglyphs

2017-12-28 Off By The Nomadness Team

Have you been to Mammoth before, and think that you have seen it all? Not interested in winter or summer physical activities? Have you never been to Mammoth and are curious to see what it has to offer? Or are you simply looking for a new adventure? In the Mammoth Lakes area there’s a stunning Native American Hike that will truly leave you in awe. You’ll Walk through volcanic rocks with ancient Petroglyphs on either side. Some of the the drawings include people, animals, symbols, and mysterious shapes that will have your eyes glued to this magnificent artwork, that was once used to tell stories. There is much more to see for your self. If you’re interested although areĀ not a fan of hiking? You’re in luck! To get to this historic land it’s quite simple and moreover a walk than a hike. When you arrive take into consideration that this is ancient artwork and be careful not to damage or deface these outstanding Petroglyphs. Can’t wait to see a truly hidden masterpiece from thousands of years ago? Contact Nomadness RentalsĀ to get directions and to book you’re stay today!



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