Snow Snow & More Snow!

Snow Snow & More Snow!

2017-12-20 Off By The Nomadness Team

OMG!!! Mammoth Mountain is currently receiving a huge snowfall and more is expected to come. They already have 10 inches of fresh snow and it’s still going! If you’re up there right now that means you get to enjoy and relish in all the powder. If you’re not up there, no worries! The amount of snow and fresh powder runs we are acquiring will for sure last through the weekend and beyond! This winter season is headed off to a great start. Just wait because this is only the beginning. This snow season is about to be filled with massive amounts of snowfall, fun ridding all season long, snowball fights, sledding, ice skating, simply just playing in the snow and more! Want to join in on all the snow fun? Book now with Nomadness Rentals to receive…

50% OFF your stay!

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2017-01-12-Winter-New-Snow-Mammoth-Lakes-WRAY-23.jpg (1)2017-01-12-Winter-New-Snow-Mammoth-Lakes-WRAY-2.jpg (1)