Snowboarders Beginner Guide

Snowboarders Beginner Guide

2017-12-19 Off By The Nomadness Team

Have you never been snowboarding before although have always craved to go? You love the snow, you’re a surfer or skateboarder, or you just simply admire the sport. No matter where you stand on the athletic scale snowboarding is must to try! Many people always talk about their first experiences trying to board on the snow. They say how they fall all the time, their sore, their cold, it’s a hard sport, it take along time to learn, etc. The real reason  why they talk that talk is because they never had the true snowboarding education to learn the sport correctly or have had to tools and correct gear to be comfertable. Listen up because what i’m about to tell you are key details on how to become a snowboard pro.

First and foremost, you have to know about the type of board you’re ridding. Many people typically just buy the first one they see that looks nice. Read below on how to pick the perfect board.

How to Pick a Snowboard Suited Just for You!

  • Ask your self if you will be riding park, freestyle, or all mountain
  • Consider your height, you don’t want a board that’s taller than you and you don’t want a board that’s below your chest.
  • If you are riding park opt in for a snowboard that’s shorter. Most likely one that goes to about shoulders or chest depending on your height.
  • If you are riding all mountain you want a board that is a little bit taller. Such as to your neck or to eye level.
  • If you are riding all mountain you would want a stiffer board
  • If you are ridding park a more flexible board would suite you better
  • Next consider your level of skill
  • If you are a beginner (Click here to view the best board for you)
  • If you are intermediate (Click here to view the best board for you)
  • If you are advanced (Click here to view the best board for you)
  • Now that you have picked your snowboard now it’s time to find the right boot and bindings to go with it.

Finding the Right Boot!

Finding the Right Bindings!

  • Decided if you will be riding goofy (right foot forward) or regular (left foot forward)
  • Pick a binding that is the size of your boot (your boot should not hang off the edge)
  • Find a binding that is flexible that will allow your boot to flex but not completely shift or wobble
  • Choosing your stance is just as important as picking out the bindings
  • Your stance is up to you and with what you feel most comfortable with
  • When you are purchasing bindings they will typically assist with setting up your stance
  • Although the typical average stance is 15 degrees (front foot) and 0 degrees (back foot)
  • (Click here to view the best bindings just for you) 

Picking the Right Gear!

Now that you know how to pick the correct snowboard, boots, bindings, you have all of the right material to be comfortable on the mountain. Lastly, if it’s your first time trying to snowboard my best advice would be to take a lesson with Mammoth Mountain’s Snowboard Instructors. (Click here to book an appointment and start shredding)

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