Book Your Winter Vacation Carefree of Weather Conditions

Book Your Winter Vacation Carefree of Weather Conditions

2017-10-27 Off By The Nomadness Team

You want to book your vacation for the Winter and take advantage of all the discounts being offered now but you are concerned about the weather.

What if the snow conditions are over the top like last season when travel was difficult, road condition challenging and the massive amounts of snow made it difficult sometimes to just get out of the vacation rental. Sure it was exciting and even a little thrilling to be in all that weather but it was a challenge. On the other hand, what if the upcoming Winter season is less dramatic perhaps not as much snow as you expected ( although from all the projections that does not seem to be the case at this point at least) and you think perhaps a tropical island vacation might be more in line and you want to change your plans do you lose all that money you have spent booking your reservation? What do you do?

NomadnessRentals offers all renters CFAR ( Cancel For Any Reason) travel insurance. I know what you are thinking it’s travel insurance and those always have a bunch of exclusions. In most cases, you would be right but not for CFAR. This insurance is exactly its’ namesake. You can cancel your travel plans last minute and still get a refund no matter what the reason!

So go ahead, take advantage of those preseason discounts, book now and save money knowing that if you need or want to cancel or change your travel plans for any reason you will get money back with CFAR insurance offered with every reservation at NomadnessRentals.