Why What and How We Do What We Do and for Who We Do It For

Why What and How We Do What We Do and for Who We Do It For

2017-09-29 Off By The Nomadness Team

Why What and How are the questions you should ask any company if you plan on working with them. As a vacation rental homeowner, these are the three most important questions you should ask your property management company because it will give you the insight to the companies philosophy, operations, and alignment with your goals.

Nomadness Rentals Answers the Why, What and How of Vacation Rentals

WHY? NomadnessRentals was born out of need and a problem that needed solving. Vacation Rental Property Owners had little options when it came to managing or advertising their property. Why was there not a company that could provide full, partial or minimal property management? Why was there not a local property manager that would help the property owner with reservation only? Why was there not a property management company that could let the property owner use their own rates, run their own specials, have software that would allow instant booking, rental contract, and insurance? Why was the vacation rental market only a two option either full management and on owner input or control or just advertising such as HomeAway, Airbnb or Booking.com with no management support?

WHAT: Only NomadnessRentals gives homeowners all the components that are currently missing in the vacation rental arena. Full Management (absentee owner) cost 20%, Partial/Co-management (Owner that wants communication with renter but needs local support and assistance) cost 8%, NomadRez Reservation Software ( the owner who is 100% hands-on but wants instant booking with contracts and insurance) cost 4%. Global OTA exposure and support for all with options to choose, transparent renter,  payment in 3 business days from renter booking date ( not arrival date), rental rate freedom and reports to monitor programs and success.

HOW: NomadnessRentals is able to provide homeowners options so they can manage and run their vacation rental business exactly how they like. We want to help every homeowner achieve their goal for their vacation home. NomadRez Software gives homeowners the ability to be fully managed or just accept instant reservations. Enjoying chatting with renters, instant bookings, integration with global OTA’s like HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb and Booking.com, housekeeping, maintenance, 24/7 emergency, damage insurance, freedom to set your own rates, run promotions and specials of your choice, complete renter information, reservation transparency, world-class customer support and the most important thing is your satisfaction and your freedom to run your vacation rental business they way you want!

Welcome to Nomandess and experience freedom, support and rental success all in one place.