The perks of being able to cancel for any reason

The perks of being able to cancel for any reason

2017-06-26 Off By The Nomadness Team

Picture this: It’s 72 hours before your long awaited romantic getaway for two to Mammoth Lakes and you get a call from none other than your beloved grandmother. She informs you she’s boarding a plane for an impromptu trip to come see you and that she “hopes you have nothing planned for the week.”

“I can’t wait to spend the next 7 days with my little sugar plum,” she announces.

You know you can’t turn your Nana away…and you sure can’t bring her on your romantic getaway with you either. So, you have no choice but to cancel. Lucky for you, Nana raised you right and taught you to always purchase travel insurance, so you’re covered under our Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) travel protection plan. What is that exactly? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like! Our fantastic CFAR travel protection, available for purchase during booking, allows you to Cancel for Any Reason and still get money back (view terms and conditions). That means as long as you cancel at least 72 hours prior to departing your permanent residence, you don’t have to deal with hefty cancellation fees and can get most of your money back.

While this travel insurance is available year-round, we’re offering it free on participating properties when you book now for the winter – check out our CFAR special! At Nomadness Rentals, we’ve always got your best interests in mind (kind of like Nana!), so make us your pick for Mammoth Lakes lodging.