Top 3 Things Mammoth Locals Want You to Know

Top 3 Things Mammoth Locals Want You to Know

2017-06-06 Off By The Nomadness Team

(Photo courtesy Josh Wray | Mammoth Lakes Tourism)

Everyone has some idea of what Mammoth is like – whether it’s a booming ski resort or quaint mountain town. Well, let us dispel (or confirm) the rumors with these 3 things Mammoth locals want you to know!

#1) We’re very proud of our beer.

That’s right we said it. The beers brewed in the Sierra are some of the best beers in California. You can find some of the best local brews served at the Mammoth Brewing Co., June Lake, or Black Doubt Brewing. Most importantly, you can call the Eastern Sierra Brewery Tours to schedule a tour of all these top notch brewing establishments.

#2) Pictures don’t do our town justice!

The mountains are taller, the trees are greener, and the lakes are grander than any picture could ever make it seem. The fact of the matter is that, even when you live here, you don’t get sick of the sights. Take it from someone whose lived in the city and is never turning back!

#3) Take the advice posted on our bumper stickers and DON’T FEED OUR BEARS!

They’re friendly, cute, and furry, but feeding them can be dangerous for you and for them. Our local bear whisperer Steve Searles knows what he’s talking about when he advocates for this cause. And, believe us, in order for Mammoth’s residents and wildlife to live in harmony, this tip is incredibly effective. 🙂

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