Mammoth Mountain open til August!

Mammoth Mountain open til August!

2017-05-30 Off By The Nomadness Team

Photo by Josh Wray | Mammoth Lakes Tourism

Okay, I had heard the rumors about Mammoth being open into August, but I thought just that. They’re rumors. Well, apparently not. I had a talk with the folks over at the mountain today and they confirmed the mountain will be staying open into August! The original close date of July 4 is no more folks, and it looks like we’ll be skiing, snowboarding, and sledding all summer long.

The mountain hasn’t been open this late in years, with it closing in May pretty much every year recently. This is just the continuing aftermath of the crazy snowfall we had this past winter, which shows itself in more ways than one. I took a recent trip into Yosemite and waterfalls in the Mammoth area – everything is bustling with water due to the snow melt! What’s more, this upcoming winter is supposed to bring El Nino along with it according to NOAA.

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