5 Best Mammoth Spring Activities

5 Best Mammoth Spring Activities

2017-04-28 Off By The Nomadness Team

Okay, listen up folks. I don’t mind telling you that I’m kind of a sucker for springtime in Mammoth. I mean, don’t get me wrong, winter and summer are great, but spring is just that happy medium. The best of both worlds, you know? So, to show you just how diverse the springtime activities offered in Mammoth are, I decided to list my five favorites:

#1) Spring skiing
The beauty of Mammoth is that skiing is available six months out of the year, and during the spring, with light breezes blowing about you, it’s perhaps the most majestic thing imaginable. Sometimes Canyon and Eagle lodges close early in the year though, so you may need to catch the lifts from Main Lodge.

#2) Soakin’ it up in the hot springs
Wild Willy’s Hot Springs are a great place to relax. There’s absolutely nothing more freeing than immersing yourself into a warm, natural tub in the middle of the wilderness, enjoying the sight of the mountain ranges around you.

#3) Hiking
Mammoth Lakes is full of great hiking trails, from easy to strenuous, for beginners and experts alike. Convict Lake is one of the most popular hikes, but almost each lake boasts a stunning hike that leads up to it. Check out some of the best Mammoth hikes and find one best suited for you and your fellow travelers. We recommend stopping by Yosemite National Park too!

#4) Fishing
You may be thinking “duh!” but many people have yet to discover the joys of fishing. There’s nothing more rewarding than catching a large freshwater trout and making it the trophy of your successful vacation. Mammoth Lakes is absolutely bustling with fantastic fishing holes, from Crowley Lake to Owens River. Check out all the local Mammoth fishing spots.

#5) Golfing
Tee off on an alpine course and enjoy the fresh breezes while surrounded by majestic scenery. Whether you’re over at the Sierra Star golf course or Snowcreek golf course, you’re bound to enjoy this sport best in the mornings as the sun peers just over the edge of the mountains. Check out some of the best Mammoth Lakes golfing spots, as well as some of our Mammoth condos near the golf courses.