The Winter Everyone Will Remember

The Winter Everyone Will Remember

2017-02-24 Off By The Nomadness Team

Twenty years from now, you’ll be sitting around the fireplace sipping some brew with your buddies after a day of shredding the mountain. One of them will ask the question that mirrors the memories you were just replaying in your mind:

“Do you guys remember the winter of 2017?”

Indeed, this season is turning out to be one we’ll be talking about for decades. Most people have never seen anything like this in their lifetime, with the Mammoth weather being completely off the charts and record-breaking.

So far, we’ve seen 510″ of total season snowfall and are expecting 12-18 more inches in the next few days. Weather guru Howard Sheckter and his team are saying “it’s so much snow, it’s almost stupid!”

Nonetheless, despite the snow-ins, shoveling, and falling on our rumps in the ice, we’re so glad to be alive during this mad, mad winter. Nomadness Rentals has been glad to be helping you through it!

Whether you’re looking for Mammoth ski rentals, ski house rentals, orĀ vacation homes in Mammoth Lakes, we’ve got it all!

Check out some photos from this winter below, courtesy of Mammoth Mountain.

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