A puppy’s powdery dream

A puppy’s powdery dream

2017-01-04 Off By The Nomadness Team

We humans may love it when the snow starts coming down (such as it will this weekend). But, it turns out, our four-legged friends love it just as much! When I head out to Mammoth, one of my favorite things to do is take my dog out for a game of fetch in the snow.

That’s not the only thing my furry friend Harley can do, however! When I’m building a snowman, he fetches me sticks and pinecones so I can accessorize it properly. Or, sometimes, we play hide and seek. I’ll take his favorite toy or a biscuit and then send him on a hunt for it. He just loves plowing through that snow to get his treat!

So, if you’re thinking about bringing your best friend to Mammoth, don’t hesitate! They’ll love it! And, when you stay with Nomadness Rentals, there are plenty of pet-friendly homes to choose from.

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