2016-11-22 Off By Millie Freed

The holidays are approaching quickly, and if you’re like my mother, you must be scrambling in your limited free time to schedule the perfect event for the end of 2016. If Mammoth is on the list of places you’ve considered visiting, but the chance of a La Nina winter has you a little skeptical, there isn’t a reason to be, the activities here in Mammoth Lakes, CA are not limited to the amount of snowfall.  (Plus we have a great winter16 discount you should check out. Book one of the participating properties and we will include the CFAR Insurance Package which allows you to cancel up to 3 days from when you depart your home. Please click here to view the terms and conditions.)

This week I was able to get in touch with Lauren Burke, the manager of Public Relations and Social Media at the acclaimed Mammoth Mountain. During our discussion, I asked Burke which one of the many events she deems to be most notable, and without any hesitation she answered “Night of Lights.”

Burke continues on to glorify the event.

“It is truly a magical celebration of the holiday season,” Burke exclaims. “Not to mention to fireworks display, that in itself is absolutely dazzling. Don’t forget to catch a glimpse of me leading the dancers and skiers in the torchlight parade!”

Night of Lights, which may be new to some of you, is hosted by the Mountain on December 17th at Canyon Lodge from 4:30-8:00 pm.  With kid-friendly activities, snowmobile rides, live music, and a rooftop viewing area, Burke ensures this is the most popular event for a reason.

To try to get a feel of what it’s like to be a local, I also asked Burke what her favorite day of the year is.

“Opening Day of course!” She quipped. “People start lining up at Broadway Express before the sun comes up in attempts to snag first chair. We’ll be giving away all new Mammoth Beanies, handing out free hot cocoa, giving out swag from our partners and celebrating the traditional banner breakthrough at 8:30am. The annual beer toast will go down on the Tusks sundeck at 10:00am with cheers to the season.”

Now, opening day (as some of you may know), is on November 21st, fall will be declared over, and the ski season will commence. Not only will the Mountain provide hot cocoa, beanies, or winter attire, but live music from a DJ as well.

Visiting Mammoth will always leave you with a want to return for more. Whether you’re coming up for business, after a long work week, or an endless school year, you will never be able to deny the beauty, or the hospitality. This is one place that will have you coming back time after time again, maybe even all in the same year! There should be no reason you wouldn’t want to return. Even if you’re not a snowboarder or skier, there is something to do for everyone. Plus, who would want to miss out on what Burke says the locals call “golden state good times.” By Destiny Nadeau