2016-11-12 Off By The Nomadness Team

Nomadness Rentals provides its homeowners with bookkeeping assistance, customer satisfaction, great savings, and security.

By Elitza Batchiyska

While vacation rental company Nomadness Rentals seems to be priding itself on success stories nearly a decade after being established, many corporate-oriented vacation rental companies seem to be surrounding themselves with un-success stories, which beg the question: is small-scale the best way to go?

All signs point to “yes”. Recent events in the vacation rental industry among large-scale corporate hot-shot companies like LeisureLink and Homeaway seem to be proving that the more personal experience is the most comfortable kind of experience, for renters and homeowners alike.

Earlier this year, vacation rental company VRBO (also known as Vacation Rentals by Owner), a company formerly meant to benefit self-managing owners and small-scale vacation rental managers by offering its booking platform, was purchased by Expedia. For most people, this may not seem like a very big shift, but even Homeaway/VRBO’s executives have addressed the fact that this shift will transition Homeaway from a “Rent by Owner” site to a booking engine for large-scale vacation rental management companies instead. This unprecedented and significant change will be a huge blow to homeowners and the small-scale companies that represent them, like Nomadness Rentals, while also devoiding renters of the one-on-one experience and detail-oriented quality assurance.

Mammoth-based vacation rental company Nomadness Rentals also hosts its own booking platform, but unlike these other companies, it still favors the individual homeowner and not the corporate world. The Nomadness Rentals platform compares to and even exceeds corporate platforms in many ways, allowing homeowners to receive their funds right away (and not have to wait until the renter arrives), and also providing homeowners the ability to access it themselves to view detailed reports and line-item breakdowns regarding their property’s performance.

The Nomadness Rentals platform is simple and self-sustaining, which, for users who are familiar with the recent fate of LeisureLink, may provide some solace. LeisureLink, a booking platform that was used by many companies in Mammoth Lakes and around the country, recently ceased operations unexpectedly, owing many lodging companies in Mammoth Lakes thousands of dollars in the process. In an attempt to grow its operations, LeisureLink began relying on investments that were unlikely to be received on time and eventually faced a liquidity deficit, leaving it unable to pay back these lodging companies and forcing itself into a collections process that is likely to be unsuccessful.

Fortunately, Nomadness Rentals’ platform, however, remains strong and relies on stable growth that occurs only as the company itself grows, ensuring its users will never be put in such a vulnerable position. Nomadness Rentals is now making its user-friendly platform available to other interested lodging companies at a much more reasonable rate than its competitors, which include channel partner MyBookingPal and reservation software provider Escapia. This way, homeowners will have the best of both worlds: affordability and effectiveness.

So, what’s the bottom line? Small-scale vacation rental companies like Nomadness Rentals not only encourage and rely on benefiting the individual and avoiding corporate interests, but can also provide booking platforms as sophisticated as those on the corporate level, without all the hoops to jump through.