2016-11-11 Off By Millie Freed

If you want to shop at the warmest, most welcoming store in Mammoth Lakes, Get Outdoors 365 is your answer. Although the sporting goods store has only been in operation a little over a year, it’s quickly built a loyal following on Yelp and a family-friendly vibe to boot.

Even Anita Westfall, the owner of the store located right on Main St, can’t deny the impressions their visitors are left with.

“We’re the friendliest store in town, hands down,” Westfall says. “We hear it all the time. We’re a small, tight-knit crew so we’re our own little family.”

Suffice it to say the store is Westfall’s pride and joy. Working in the ski industry for nearly 30 years, she always had a dream of opening her own store. Even though Westfall has spent most of her life in South Orange County and San Diego where the sun is always shining, her parents would frequently take her on ski trips as a little girl. As a result, Westfall learned to ski at the age of 6 and always ended up in professions that involved the outdoors.

Westfall’s move to Mammoth 13 years ago only sparked her ambitions more. Although she moved to the small mountain town for a better environment for her family, she’s since fallen in love with all it has to offer. Her employees seem to share the same enthusiasm, and all of them are praised by customers for the knowledge they have to offer on the area.

When asked what sightseeing suggestions Westfall and her staff provide their customers, she was happy to oblige.

“For fall colors right now, Convict Lake is the best spot,” Westfall says. “For the winter, we usually give suggestions on where to sled. You don’t have to go to Woolly’s Tube Park. There’s a great spot three-quarters of a mile up Scenic Loop Drive. There’s a turnout and across from that turnout, there’s a lot of forest and great hills for sledding. The little church at the corner of Minaret and Old Mammoth is a really good spot too.”

In addition to having all the advice an outdoorsman could ever need, they also have all the supplies. The store is well-stocked with Mammoth logo paraphernalia, men’s and women’s winter clothing, ski gear (goggles, gloves, etc), sleds, and even snowball makers. They also offer equipment rentals: snowshoes, skis, and snowboards.

“We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on our variety,” Snowfall laughs. “People always seem to find the unexpected when they come here!”

Adding to the family-friendly ambiance of the store is also a 9-week old mini Australian Shepherd named Smoky. Smoky hangs out in the store and is always enthused at the sight of shoppers. Westfall says some customers even come back just to say goodbye to Smoky before they leave town.

It seems the environment that surrounds Westfall and her store fits in perfectly with the small town feel of Mammoth Lakes. When asked if she has plans for expansion, she had the laidback attitude of someone who’s just enjoying the moment.

“Our plans right now are just to maintain the momentum we’ve got going. We’re a new store and we’re making it happen,” Westfall exclaims.

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