2016-09-15 Off By The Nomadness Team

Written by Elitza Batchiyska

We all know the distant, cold, unreliable feeling we can get from customer service nowadays. Whenever you call a company, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of automated phone messages, lack of follow-up, and sometimes even no ability to call at all – forcing you to submit emails that are promised a response in 2-3 business days. This is not and never will be the case at vacation rental management company Nomadness Rentals.

There’s a reason Nomadness Rentals has had consistent unprecedented and uninterrupted growth each year since the company first began a decade ago. Their success has been simple and proven to work time and time again, and it is due to one consistent practice they have. Live representatives are always available to assist you and take your call, and most importantly, there are no automatic messages. Nomadness Rentals is well-known for having knowledgeable and educated representative around to help 24/7.

Nomadness Rentals also offers Livechat services and a 24-hour emergency response line. Communication is key – that is Nomadness Rentals’ policy, and that is why their growth continues to increase as clientele recognizes the old-fashioned values that Nomadness Rentals promises to stick by. Although they have now grown into an influential and sizable vacation rental company with over 100 condos and townhomes, they stick by the family-owned business values they started with. These values include hearing guests out when they have a problem, always making sure a representative is on-call, and providing specials for our return guests to thank them for their patronage.

To further confirm Nomadness Rentals’ reputation as having the best customer service in Mammoth Lakes, one does not have to look too much farther than Yelp. Currently, Nomadness Rentals is #1 on Yelp for Vacation Rentals in Mammoth Lakes, boasting 4.5 stars and reviews that praise their staff and services.

So, next time you’re looking for a vacation rental company that embodies these wholesome and friendly practices, think of Nomadness Rentals and experience a quality vacation.