2016-06-29 Off By The Nomadness Team

Written by Elitza Batchiyska

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, nobody can deny that the vacation experience feels much more secure and personal with a small vacation rental company as opposed to a booking giant. When you sign your property up with a small-scale vacation rental company, you still get the perks of maximum exposure with the personal touch of well-rounded property management and quality control.

There are many little details and drawbacks regarding accounting and bookkeeping homeowners don’t know about until they sign with the booking giants. For example, as a homeowner, did you know that most of the vacation rental giants don’t submit the money from a reservation to you until the renter actually arrives to the unit? If a reservation is booked months in advance, imagine what an inconvenience this could cause. You don’t know who’s holding onto the money, and what’s more is that once you receive it, you don’t have access to line item breakdowns.

When you sign with small companies like Nomadness Rentals, you receive access to a state-of-the-art booking platform that provides you complete payment details, line item breakdowns, and renter reports. After all, if “rental by owner” is the philosophy, why shouldn’t the owner have access to all renter and payment information?

Further advantages exist for the renter too. When booking with giants (like Airbnb for example), a renter must contact the homeowner when experiencing any issues, reporting any damages, etc. If the homeowner is out of reach, the renter is left with nowhere else to turn. Meanwhile, with a property management company, renters have access to a knowledgeable representative at all times of the day. If it’s outside of business hours, companies like Nomadness Rentals even have a 24-hour emergency line, where urgent calls are taken and responded to day or night.

At Nomadness Rentals, we take over the entire management experience and homeowners get their money right away. They are informed of all damages, issues, and transactions, but don’t have to deal with or worry about any of them. We communicate with and accommodate the renters, professionally and responsibly. Similarly, we still offer the benefits of the large-scale providers by advertising our properties on, and providing access to, sites like VRBO, Flipkey, and Homeaway at competitive rates

Every homeowner wants to make sure their home is in the best hands possible, and with small-scale there’s no doubt about that. The security of small-scale with the exposure and influence of large-scale, Nomadness Rentals and similar companies are the ideal choice for property management and representation.