How to Camp in Luxury, 4 Easy Steps!

How to Camp in Luxury, 4 Easy Steps!

2018-01-04 Off By The Nomadness Team

Camping is a lot of fun especially when you’re comfortable, warm, and prepared. No one likes to be cold, sleeping on top of rocks, and carrying heavy gear. Read below these simple and easy tips and tricks to make your camping experience the very best!

Pitching a Tent: 

Most of the tents you’ll find in sporting good stores are very simple and have clear instructions on how to assemble them. Although if you have a classic tent follow these six steps on how to properly pitch it.

1. Close door flaps and peg down the four corners of the tent.

2. Assemble and put up the pole in front of the tent first.

3. Bring out the ling away from the tent and push down the peg.

4. Put up and assemble rear tent pole, pull taught and peg down.

5. Now push all four pegs from the tent into the ground, pull tight.

6. Open door flaps and now it’s time to relax!

Making a Comfortable Bed:

Your bed is just as important as making a secure tent. If you don’t sleep well you’re almost guaranteed to not have a good experience.

1. Invest in a mattress pad, something small, thin, and light weight will do the trick.       (Click here to view the perfect one for you!)

2. Next up is a sleep bag! You should have a sleeping bag that goes either 40 degrees or lower to keep you warm and comfy. (Click here to view the best sleeping bag!)

3. Bring a pillow! I recommend purchasing a small inflatable one so it’s not to heavy to carry around. (Click here to view the right pillow for you!)

How to Make a Campfire:

If you want to stay warm, and cook your meals a fire is a must! Many people don’t know how to make one or let the fire become out of control. Which could even start a wildfire.

1. Gather dry logs and kindling (broken, thin pieces of wood)

2. Lay down the kindling in a small pile

3. Assemble the large logs like a teepee

4. Leaving a small window for air to travel through and continue to fuel the fire.

5. Place a match at the bottom, center of the teepee

6. Light the fire

7. As the wood burns the structure will fall, at this point continue to add more large logs on top of it to keep it going.

Essential Gear to Pack:

Having the right gear will make your camping experience easy and a fun time! Make sure you don’t over pack either so your bag isn’t heavy.

1. Flashlight and collapsible lanterns (Click here to view)

2. Bug Spray

3. Small camping stove or wire rack to place over your fire pit (Click here to view)

4. Matches to light your fire

5. Folding chairs (Click here to view)

6. Favorite games and or playing cards

7. Carabiner and rope, either for hiking or hanging wet clothes

8. Warm clothes, wind resistant jackets, pants, hiking boots,gloves, hat, sunglasses, shorts, long and short sleeves

9. Insulated steel mug to keep drinks and or food warm (Click here to view)

10. Backpack for hiking and carrying the majority of your gear (Click here to view)

11. Portable first aid kit in case you or someone gets hurts while exploring.

12. Tarp just in case it rains

13. Reusable water bottles

14. Map of the surrounding area

If Camping isn’t For You:

Still not a fan of camping in the wilderness and would rather stay in a nice, warm, and cozy property? Call or book online with Nomadness Rentals!

Phone: (818)883-2488


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