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Crush 2018 New Year Goals in 3 Steps!

Happy New Year!!!

You know what this means! Time to get outside or get back in the gym! We all know that over this past holiday season we’ve been munching on cookies, brownies, cakes, candy canes, gingerbread houses and all the other sweets you can think of. As well as hot cocoa, champagne, apple cider, wine, and all other tasty spirits. As many of you may have on your New Year’s resolution list to, “eat more healthy, exercise, catch up on sleep, spend more time with family, etc.” The first week is always fantastic and you tend to stick with your New Year goals. Although, as time goes on and the weeks and months become more busy, my self included, we tend to lose track of our resolutions. I personally wasn’t sure why this would happen every year. Until I learned a few simple tricks that had changed my life. Keep reading to find out how 2018 will be your best year!


Nutrition is one of the biggest components of living a healthy lifestyle. 70% is what you eat and 30% is how you exercise. As you can see from these percentages the phrase “You are what you eat” comes into play at full force. Many people lose track of this resolution because they are either not 100% motivated or don’t have the proper education on how to start a clean diet.

Step 1:

  • Review your current diet, leave behind or decrees what is obviously bad such as; sweets, alcohol, oily & processed foods. Clean out your pantry by getting rid of all the foods that are bad for your body.

Step 2:

  • Create a plan that suites you such as; adding more veggies into your diet, eating more lean meats instead of fatty ones, or even going vegetarian. Also keep an eye on portion sizes for healthy fats, proteins, carbs, etc.

Step 3:

  • Cook at home daily, reduce your butter, sugars and oils when preparing your meal. Stick with the plan and reward you self to your favorite sweet at the end of the week. Talk about your new diet with loved ones to make your self accountable.

Goal #2: Fitness

Many people don’t want to exercise or tend to put it off because they find it tedious, boring, and sometimes even too difficult for them. Finding the right fitness plan geared directly towards your goals will definitely change your opinion on working out and getting you into the right mindset.

Step 1:

  • Recognize what you want. Do you want to lose weight, gain muscle mass, become more lean and tone, gain endurance, become more flexible, etc.

Step 2:

  • Decided if you want to workout at the gym, in your home or outside. Find someone to workout with, stay motivated and on track with them.

Step 3:

  • Fit exercising into your schedule, whether its before or after work, just do it! Make it fun, take classes like zumba, yoga, cycling, and cardio barre.

Goal #3: Sleep

Getting your Z’s is what will determine your day and how it will flow. Every hour of sleep matters! Getting enough rest for your body is what will ultimately make you more productive, alert, energized, and concentrated. Nonetheless, if you are working out, sleep is the optimal time for your body to recover. The more you sleep, the more you’ll see the gains!

Step 1:

  • Go to bed early if you know you plan to wake up early the next morning. The average adult need anywhere in between 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Downloading a sleep app on your phone to track your hours is also a good idea and very helpful.

Step 2:

  • Try not to snack right before bed, and turn phone off or silence it to minimize distractions. Turn off all lights, make sure the room is not hot and not too cold, keeping it at a cool temperature will help keep you in deep sleep throughout the night.

Step 3:

  • Make sure you go to bed around the same time every night. This will help you stay in a good habit and keep a healthy and balance sleep cycle.

Most Important Key Step for all Three Goals!

  • With every single goal, make sure you are writing down your progress either every other week or once a month. By doing that consistently, in no time you will be in one of the best habits of your life. Your goals will turn into your lifestyle and become apart of you that just keeps growing and getting better.

Now you know the simple and easy steps on how to make your New Year resolutions successful. Let 2018 be your biggest change, accomplishment, and transformation yet!

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