Reviews. How Important Are They?

Reviews. How Important Are They?

2017-11-07 Off By The Nomadness Team

Companies can make beautiful websites and ads and promise the world but what they deliver can be two different things.

Reviews provide the true consumer experience with the company. Now granted there are some consumers that are overly critical and then there are consumers that are easily pleased. When all the reviews are lumped together the consumer can get a better feel and understanding of the company they are reviewing which is why the volume of reviews is important.

If a company has 10, 20 or even 30 reviews this is still considered limited and does not demonstrate the full expanse of consumer experience. Now on the other hand if a company has over 100 reviews this can provide a better overall analysis of the company and their philosophy and their commitment to consumer satisfaction. After all, we all want to have a great experience when using a product or service.

Negative reviews, what do they say about a company? First of all read the review carefully and you will be able to tell if the consumer that wrote the negative review was just having a bad day and nothing was going to make things right or if the reviewer had a legitimate complaint. Then read the companies response. Did the company acknowledge the issue and try to resolve the problem? Was the company responsive and concerned about the issue and did they do all they could at the time to make things right? Sometimes it is impossible to immediately rectify a particular problem but acknowledging the problem and attempting to resolve the issue is a positive step toward creating goodwill and a good experience. Fixing the problem is the best resolution but sometimes that is not possible immediately for various reasons and a delay to the resolution might be necessary.

Reviews with no comments from the company what does that mean? I believe that if the consumer takes the time to write a review the company should care enough to respond to the consumer. If you see reviews with no company comment you can assume that the company does not care enough to take the time to either thank you for the great review or respond to a negative review. Is this somebody you really want to work with?

100% positive reviews how real is that? I personally question that. Nothing in life is 100% perfect and things do happen and things do go wrong so, I would question that. To me, the true test is how a company handles a problem because problems happen and life happens and that the true test.

We at NomandessRentals take great pride in providing a quality experience to both our renters and homeowners. We believe that communication is the key to a great consumer experience. Listening, understanding, being patient, compassionate and working to resolve the problem is the answer. This creates a good working relationship between the company and the consumer and a lasting relationship of trust and goodwill.

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