Are You Experiencing Burnout?

Are You Experiencing Burnout?

2017-09-11 Off By The Nomadness Team

Don’t let things go because you are tired, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Is your vacation rental making you tired? Are you replying to emails and calls at all hours of the day? Dealing with renters during their stay, fixing broken items when renters leave, collecting funds and dealing with refunds, and the list just goes on and on and on.

Who would have ever guessed that having a successful vacation rental was going to be so much work and more than likely you have a full time ‘daytime job’ that requires your 100% attention or you’re retired and want to relax, kick back and enjoy life. Either scenario requires that you respond to renters quickly any hour of the day including but not limited to cost of renting your property,  how to arrive and collect the key, how things work during their stay, what to do when thing break such as electrical or plumbing issues, how far points of interest are from your rental, dealing with noise complaints from neighbors, accidental damage that the renter may have caused, cancellation of the reservation and so much more. In fact, there is so much more than I could write a book and actually, I am called “Truth or BS”. I guess you can tell from the title that there are many unbelievable things that can or have happened that it warrants writing a book that is highly entertaining.

Let’s get back to homeowner  “burnout”. It’s a real condition that will leave you feeling exhausted, frustrated, mad, overwhelmed, tired, annoyed, disappointed, overworked and stressed! This is not what you thought it would be like running a vacation rental.

Want some help? One way to minimize the work load is to automate some of the work. For example provide your renters the ability to get an instant quote ( that way they don’t have to email you and wait for a response), provide your renters with the ability to book their rental online ( instead of waiting for your to call or email them and collect information and credit card info or PayPal requests). provide your renters with a contract that they can view online and get a copy of instantly when they book, have your renters purchase damage insurance that will pay for any accidental damage the renter may do with no deductible ( this way you don’t have to collect a large security deposit and then have to worry or remember to return it or deal with deducting for damages that will make the renter upset), have your check in instructions sent out automatically, have your housekeeping team notified automatically, have payments collected automatically and reports on expenses and performance at your finger times. In other words, save your self anywhere from 70-90% of your time with NomadRez software that will automate all these functions for you but still give you the opportunity to fully communicate with your renters.

Looking for even more help? Check out NomandessRentals various options available for vacation rental homeowners that are new to the vacation rental industry or experiencing “burnout” NomandessRentals utilizes NomadRez Software. Nomadness Rentals help homeowners with their vacation rental needs from advertising, software and on the ground support.The various package offered by Nomadness Rentals range from 4% -20% for full management. Choose the package that works the best for you and gives you the benefits you are looking for. No long term contracts and customer service that this rated the best in the industry. You don’t have to go it alone Nomadness is here to help at every step of the way. Helping you automate your work load or providing you the best full managing service for your vacation rental.