Your vacation rental just flooded, now what?

Your vacation rental just flooded, now what?

2017-08-29 Off By The Nomadness Team

You have saved up and purchased a vacation rental. It’s your second home. Your pride and joy. You have put a lot of love and care into making it perfect for your family and your renters, from the new furniture, remodeled kitchen, art work down to the little details of the perfect warm soft throw blanket for your those cold snowy nights when you are cuddled up by the crackling fire on a cold winter night. It’s the perfect vacation home.

Then one day you get a call that the water heater sprung a leak and has flooded your home!
What now? The water has to be removed, things have to be dried up, furniture has to be replaced, mold has to be dealt with and so on. What a night mare. To make matters worse you now can’t have any renters either and you now have lost revenue. What else could possibly go wrong? The wrong insurance that does not cover you in a situation like this. Your coverage could be denied when you need it most.

Owning a vacation rental is different than owning your own home or a traditional long term rental.  That’s why we recommend Proper Insurance because they provide the correct insurance for your vacation rental and you can be assured that if an accident happens your covered.

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