Has this ever happened to you?

Has this ever happened to you?

2017-08-11 Off By The Nomadness Team

You planned an amazing vacation and then… BAM! Three days before you are scheduled to leave one of the kids gets sick, your husband has a sudden work trip or your house floods. Crap…… now you have to cancel your vacation plans. It’s so frustrating, maddening and disappointing, right!

Then you have to deal with calling and canceling your reservation but its so close to when you were scheduled to arrive that you now can’t get a refund! Are you kidding me, could it get any worse? I guess it could but let’s not go there.

There is a bright light in all this mess at least for next time. NomadnessRentals offers “Cancel For Any Reason” insurance with every reservation. If you choose to purchase it you can cancel your trip and get a refund. That’s a good thing, right! Now you must be thinking really I can cancel for any reason? Yes, that’s right ANY reason. Let’s look at a few, ingrown toe nail, bad hair day, not feelin it, the s**t hit the fan or I just changed my mind.  Any reason!

So the next time you book a reservation if you are not clairvoyant you might consider purchasing the Cancel For Any Reason insurance offered by NomadnessRentals with every reservation