Does it seem like vacation rentals are getting more expensive?

Does it seem like vacation rentals are getting more expensive?

2017-08-08 Off By The Nomadness Team

Yes, vacation rentals are getting more expensive if you are renting from the Global OTA’S
(OnlIne Travel Agencies) like Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, Flipkey ,, etc.Why is renting from these giants that have thousands of properties in each and every location on the face of the planet getting so expensive for renters and homeowners?

Well here is how it works. A homeowner or property manager will list a home for rent with one or more of the OTA’s either directly or through a reservation software company that is integrated with the OTA’s. Vwahla! You’re now in business renting your home but there is more. Every time a renter books your home, cabin, condo, townhouse or room the homeowner or property manager has to pay the OTA a sizable fee and wait  form it ……there is more. Renters also have to pay the OTA an ever larger fee for booking the rental. So basically, both homeowner and renter pay the OTA for the same reservation. What does this add up to be? Anywhere from a 8% – 20% combined ( the more expensive the reservation the lower the percentage, the less expensive the reservation the higher the percentage). The homeowner is incurring a cost and the renter is incurring an even great cost ( 5 -15% per reservation increase over the actual cost of the reservation).

You might think that you have no choice but you do. You have lots of choices. Book your vacation rental direct with a property manager at your vacation destination. Property managers have their own website and feature properties at the destination that you are interested in visiting. They know the property and can assist you during your stay. If you are not sure of the reputation of a particular property manager or how well they take care of the property you can always check their reviews on Yelp to get a feel for how past renters like the rentals and how problems were handled by the property manager.

When it comes to canceling a reservation booking directly with a property manager you are able to speak with a live person who can access your reservation and make the cancellation easily. The OTA’s are so large and so impersonal that it is difficult at best to actually get a live person and if you do it’s only after being on hold for 15 -20 minutes and being transferred around a few times and let’s not forget having the call “accidentally ” dropped after that 20 minute hold, grrrrrrrrrr!

Booking with a property manager directly, such as NomadnessRentals you will not only avoid all those excessive fees that the OTA’s charge the homeowner and the renter but you will also learn about discounts that property managers are offering for an even better price. You can call and speak to a live customer care agent without a hold time and know that you have 24/7 assistance during your stay.

Booking with a homeowner directly is both good and bad.The homeowner obviously knows their property the best and also provide you with information about the local hot spots much as a property manager can do. Unfortunately, most if not all homeowners don’t answer their phone, or text messages in the middle of the night, when on vacation, at work for doing something fun. Leaving the renter waiting for help or assistance if there is an issue at the rental property. Enter the property manager, always on call and ready to step in and help!

So what IS the best way to book a vacation rental that will provide you with 24/7 assistance before, during and after your stay ( if you forget stuff when you leave we are here to help to get it back to you), no added on extra fees just nightly lodging, taxes, cleaning (who wants to clean when you are on vacation. Let us take care of that), damage insurance ( so you don’t have to worry about any accidents during your stay) and a small reservation fee. Nothing else unless you are bringing the family pet with you on vacation then “Roofus” has a small additional charge. We don’t tack on a booking fee of 5 – 15%  we actually offer you discounts on many properties year round ranging from 25 % – 50% off.

Book your next vacation rental directly with a property management company get the best possible nightly rates, save with added discounts, rent with confidence because reviews tell the entire story, chat with a live customer care representative who actually knows the property, local digs and fun things to do where ever your travels take you.