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Mammoth: The leader of the pack


There are many well-known winter resorts in the West, many of which I myself have visited and skied. However, the latest statistics from On the Snow (pictured in the graph above) prove that Mammoth is not only the best of the west in ambiance, but in snowfall as well. Between Vail, Tahoe, and Aspen, Mammoth takes the cake with the highest average snowfall. It also doubles in snowfall numbers this past season compared to Vail and Aspen, and has consistently outperformed Tahoe in the recent years.

The best part of it all? Mammoth is also expected to stay open the latest this year – with the close date for the lifts of Main Lodge expected as July 4. Make your way to Mammoth for some world-class skiing and check out a great place for Mammoth Lakes ski rentals, as well as some of the finest Mammoth Lakes lodging.