It’s beginning to look a lot like Fishmas…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Fishmas…

2017-04-21 Off By The Nomadness Team

…eeeeeverywhere you go.

Just a few days away from the start of fishing season. The picture you’re looking at here is my kid brother with his first catch over by Crowley just a few years ago. I still remember the excitement in his eyes when his line gave a slow tug.

“I got something!” He yelled.

“Reel him in, reel him in!” My family and I cheered.

And thereĀ it was, a 16-inch trout hanging from the end of his line. As you can tell by the three fish in the final photo from the day, it was a pretty good season that year. With the amount of snow melt the lakes should be receiving this year as a result of the wild winter, this season should be even better.

If you’re looking to have as memorable an experience as the one we had, I highly recommend checking out some of the best Mammoth Lakes fishing spots, as well as some vacation homes in the area.