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More fresh pow, Mammoth never ceases to amaze

I was just up in Big Bear this past weekend, but all I could think while I was up there is how much I miss Mammoth! Don’t get me wrong, mountains are mountains and the alpine feel is always welcome to me, but the feeling somehow just isn’t the same. Not only is Mammoth prone to wilder winters, cooler temperatures, and overall more snow, but the entire town has a different feel to it. One major difference is this – the slopes are always active, because the amount of snowfall in Mammoth is always higher. In the last 24 hours alone, Mammoth Lakes received over half a foot of snowfall (nearly 8″), bringing the season total snowfall count at Main Lodge to 592″. Crazy, right?

Personally, I recommend taking advantage of what’s left of winter in Mammoth. Check out the places to stay in Mammoth Lakes that Nomadness has to offer, as well as some pictures from Mammoth this winter.