2016-08-03 Off By The Nomadness Team

Written by Elitza Batchiyska

Mammoth Lakes is working on a one billion dollar investment dedicated to developing its already-booming downtown area into a trendy, all-inclusive hub for recreation and entertainment, quickly helping the town evolve into a world-class ski resort.

According to a recent article from Mammoth Lakes’ local newspaper, The Sheet, the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area is primarily pushing this initiative with the goal of becoming a “five-star resort”. The plan consists of widening the sidewalks and making the Laurel and Tavern roads area the center of town, with the ice rink also in a central location next to a recreation center and technology hub.

The recent tech bubble serves as inspiration for these upgrades. According to The Sheet, the nation’s fastest and broadest bandwidth fiber optic cable runs just beneath the streets of Mammoth – a fact that may come as rather shocking for most. This would provide major incentive for tech companies and start-ups to set up shop in Mammoth, contributing to the tech boom that has been taking over California overall.

What does all of this mean for Mammoth enthusiasts and devotees alike? Well, simply that Mammoth Lakes will soon be a renowned ski resort town while still maintaining its same old-fashioned feel. Nomadness Rentals plans to stand by the town’s hopes to enhance its look, while also maintaining its core values as well. With this investment, Mammoth will be able to offer all the exclusive options of other ski resorts to its guests while still maintaining its affordability and great lodging options.

The new “hipster-friendly” downtown area will be right by where most of the condos and townhomes are located also, as lodges tend to be located on the outskirts of town — optimal locations for skiing but not for shopping and nightlife. With Laurel and Tavern roads making up the new downtown area, most of the lodging Nomadness Rentals has to offer will be centrally located, just minutes from recreational activities, restaurants, and entertainment hot spots. Nomadness Rentals also plans to maintain its affordability while still offering top-notch lodging options – from condos and townhomes to cabins and estates.

Mammoth Lakes’ new plan will help the town thrive, as visitors will have plenty of attraction opportunities. For visitors who might not be ski enthusiasts, the upgraded ice rink, recreation center, and new shops will make for plenty of amusement options. The incentive for tech companies to move in will also be a huge benefit for visitors, making it possible for a trip to the mountains to coincide with top-notch internet connectivity. Under this plan, Mammoth Lakes will no longer be a one-day stop often overshadowed by the exciting attractions surrounding it, but will be an innovative and forward-thinking center for adventure, modernity, and rustic alpine charm.